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The primary function of oil is to lubricate equipment and components to allow for a smooth and continual operation. Oil breakdowns can occur from natural elements as well as from many other reasons. Oil analysis can help determine the reason which gives you the information to improve your overall operation of your equipment, and the efficiency and life of the equipment. A smooth operation of the equipment will help improve operations, as well as costs, both in the short term and in the long run.

Get the Most from Your Oil Analysis

Oil analysis is a series of laboratory tests used to evaluate the condition of lubricants and equipment components. These results are from the cause-effect relationship of conditions that have been studied for many years. The ability for oil to perform as designed is critical in your operations. The graph to the right lists some of the functions that will be evaluated.

Mark Nelson oil provides oil analysis & Samplings

Old school methods of checking lubricant quality was based on smell, visual, and rubbing it between our fingers. Today’s modern technology provides key information to learn what may be causing the breakdown, and the Oil Analysis will provide you with greater information to proactively keep your equipment in better working order and minimize costly breakdowns.

More Details in the Analysis

There are many tests that can be performed on your lubricants. Here are some of the main things it will check – Viscosity, Water/Coolant Contamination, Presence of Solids, Oxidation, TAN (Total Acid Number,) Particle Counts and Wear Metals/Elemental Presence. There are others and to learn more about our Oil Analysis and Sampling, contact us for more details. We can provide you with the information you are looking for. The chart to the left shows recommended sampling intervals, by application. If you have questions about other components, give us a call or send us a message and we will answer your questions.

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