Non Ethanol Gasoline – The Great Debate

Benefits of Using Non-Ethanol Gasoline in Gresham, Hillsboro & Portland, Oregon (OR)

Most all gasoline sold in the Portland metro area contains 10% Ethanol and it is getting harder and harder to find places to purchase non-ethanol gasoline. What really are the benefits of using non-ethanol gasoline anyhow?

There are many articles written on whether the use of non-ethanol gasoline is better for all fuel engines. Some studies will show how it is better for the engine and others will talk to better performance, both in engine performance and increased mpg. We will leave those articles alone and focus on what’s important. If you are looking for non-ethanol gasoline, we have you covered – in regular 87 octane and 92 octane premium.

Marc Nelson Oil discusses the benefits of using Non-Enthanol Gasoline

When You Really Do Need To Use Non-Ethanol

Check and stick with your manufacturers recommendations. You probably already know that ethanol has been known to cause damage in smaller gasoline powered engines.


Extend the Life of Your Toys and Tools and Make them Happy

While fuel may perform well in today’s vehicles, ethanol may damage your Off-Road toys, boats, chainsaws, lawnmowers and anything else with a small gas powered engine. Gasoline with 10% ethanol also has a much shorter shelf life than ethanol free gasoline.


Where to Find Non-Ethanol Gasoline

We currently have both 87 and 92 octane at our location at 1977 Claxter Rd, NE, in Salem, Oregon. Click here for directions to this location. We also carry 92 octane at most of our Pacific Pride locations. For specific location information and to see if the location most convenient to you carries this, see our locations here.

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