8 Fuel Card Benefits All Fleet Owners Love

Fuel Card Benefits Overview


Fleet managers have a great deal of responsibility. Managing truck & trailer employees is not a child’s play. At Marc Nelson Oil Products, we help fleet managers use different tools and programs to better manage their fleets and manage the costs and challenges that follow.

Fuel cards, also known as fleet cards or fuel credit cards, are one of the most valuable tools we offer our clients.

In a way, fuel cards are just like business credit cards, but with even more benefits. We have helped hundreds of fleet owners enhance their business management processes and put operational efficiencies in place in a way that is both convenient and cost-effective.

Fleet cards give fleet owners and managers greater control over expenses, enhance access to fuel discounts, and permit better tracking of employee fuel consumption. Though fuel cards offer cost savings, you can expect a number of other benefits that will transform the way your fleet management company operates.

The benefits of fuel cards have been overwhelming for our clients over the years. If you’re a fleet manager or trucking company owner, consider using a fuel card. Get in touch with our team now to sign-up: (503) 363-7676 or toll-free at (800) 523-7676.

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Top Benefits of Fuel cards

⇩ Save Time

Fuel cards enable drivers to maximize the efficiency of their workday. Fleet drivers are driven by tight schedules. Wasted time bogs down the team and has a detrimental effect on the whole company. It can also greatly inhibit workflows, which ultimately can cost you money.

With a fuel card system, one of the best advantages is not having to wait in long lines at commercial fueling stations. Every time a driver fuels up at a service station, they can quickly find where they need to stop and fuel up without waiting.

⇩Save Money

A fuel card allows managers to select what expenditures are allowed on the cards, and which ones aren’t. This means that employees’ spending is tightly controlled. Owners and managers can easily set up their gas cards to only allow purchases of fuel.

⇩Efficient Fleet Management and Planning

Fuel cards make routing trucking routes much easier, which helps maximize productivity. You can locate specific routes with fuel stops that accept fuel cards so that your employees can simplify their workdays. If you have a location map, you can view driver schedules and coordinate fuel stops that will make the most efficient use of your money.

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⇩Lots of Locations to Choose From

Fuel cards allow your workers access to a vast array of fueling locations. Fuel cards are widely accepted in all parts of the country. You can fill up with fuel with your card any time of the day, since fueling centers are open 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition, you will also discover these specific fuel card locations are more accessible and easier to use compared to retail fueling stations. As a result, commercial fleet drivers can drive easily and fuel up with ease.

⇩Control Fleet Fuel Purchases

If your fleet workers only use diesel fuel, then you can restrict purchases on other fuel types on the fuel card system. Fleet managers can also restrict purchases of candy, soda, and other personal expenses. When managers and owners have the ability to pick only what fuel is necessary, they can maintain expenses at a minimum.

⇩Eliminate Theft

Fuel cards can also detect any suspicious activity or theft. Computer monitoring can alert fleet managers to suspicious behavior right away. Due to careful monitoring provided by fuel cards, corporate theft can be avoided altogether.

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⇩Consolidated and Paperless Billing

Fleet companies can monitor expenditures and track ongoing expenditures with fuel cards. They can also eliminate paper-based paperwork with a cloud-based data management platform that helps them detect unwarranted expenditures.

By using a paperless billing system, you can stay on top of all your daily business activities and not have to print out paperwork constantly. Not only will you save time, but you will also go green because you will be working off a paperless billing system.

⇩Online Account Management

The fuel card gives you access to a user-friendly interface that allows you to manage fleet expenditures and track a fleet’s routes, all from one system. Adjusting fueling budgets and fleet routes has never been easier.

Fuel cards offer you the convenience you need at a price you can afford while saving you a great deal of time and money. You’ll know exactly what your company spends and be in better shape because of their innovative processes.

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