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How-To Decrease Fleet Turnover


If you are a fleet owner, you know how important it is to ensure that your team members are valued, appreciated, and enjoy coming to work. Fleet turnover is a big problem in the industry, and may affect your company at one point or another.

According to fleetowner.com, the average driver turnover rate for large fleets in the United States is 90%, while the turnover rate for smaller fleets is around 80%. This statistic is no secret, as most in the industry are well aware that driver turnover is a problem for many companies.

At Marc Nelson Oil Products, we assist fleet drivers every day with fuel card management, fuel purchases, and more. In this article, we’re sharing our tips that fleet owners can incorporate to help increase driver retention rates.

If you are a fleet owner or manager, keep reading to learn:

  • How to decrease fleet turnover
  • 6 ways you can ensure your fleet workers stay happy and productive
  • How Marc Nelson Oil Products can help with fleet management and other processes

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6 Easy Ways to Decrease Fleet Turnover


⇩ 1 – Use Strong Communication

Communication mishaps and breakdowns in contact between drivers and management is usually the start of driver turnover. If drivers aren’t clear on their routes, procedures, deliveries, and other processes, it can quickly lead to frustration and even resentment.

As a fleet owner or manager, it is imperative that communication is at the top of your priority list. This is especially important for new drivers that have just joined your team. Communication protocols should be well-established in your company to retain the quality drivers you already have and ensure new drivers are willing to stick around.

⇩ 2 – Improve System Efficiency

System efficiency is another way managers make or break their driver retention rates. If you are working with outdated or inefficient electronic management systems, you are bound to see a rise in driver turnover. It is well-worth the investment to upgrade your current systems or integrate new ones, so frustration is avoided on all ends.

One of the best systems you can implement to help with driver retention is cardlock. At MNOP, we offer cardlock management services that help owners keep track of fuel purchases, better plan driving routes, and streamline company expenses all on one, convenient platform. To learn more about cardlock and how it can help your fleet management and driver retention, get in touch with our team at 1-800-523-7676

⇩ 3 – Promote from Within

Drivers are more likely to stay with your team if they know there are opportunities for advancement. It is important to establish a way for your drivers to move up in the company and receive periodic promotions in terms of position AND pay. Managers need to understand that properly investing in your workforce is the only way to keep it.

Without incentives and proper compensation, you are likely to see your drivers come and go. We encourage you to make it worthwhile for drivers to be a part of your company and compensate them fairly based on physical labor, drive times, customer feedback, and other applicable factors. By investing in your workforce, you are likely to see a great return, rather than continue to suffer losses from driver turnover.

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⇩ 4 – Promote & Reward Safety

Safety should always be rewarded. Most fleet companies have cameras in each of their trucks that track vehicle movement, including when a driver goes over a speed bump too forcefully or takes a turn too fast. These safeguards shouldn’t be present as a mere threat to drivers — they should always be used as an incentive. Implementing a rewards program for safe driving is easy with these tracking integrations — so why not try it? Without some kind of reward, these “Big Brother” systems only serve to stress out drivers and make their jobs unenjoyable, leading to increased turnover.

⇩ 5 – Improve Routes

An inefficient or poorly planned route is stressful for drivers, managers, and customers alike. You can help keep your workforce staffed by taking the time to properly plan routes that are most efficient. There is no reason for a delivery driver, for example, to go back and forth tirelessly from one section of the city to another. Any driver that has poorly timed delivery deadlines will inevitably quit after spending 10-12 hours trying to manage an already mismanaged driving route.

As a manager or fleet owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that routes are planned in a way that is most conducive to common sense and productivity. Otherwise, you can say goodbye to good drivers that are not willing to put up with poor planning.

⇩ 6 – Aim to Coach & Teach

Last but not least, reactivity or harsh punishments serve no one well — especially on the job. Instead of reprimanding your workforce, aim to teach first. Of course, there will be times when formal warnings are necessary, but there should always be room for training and coaching. Look for opportunities to improve your workforce through skills training, rather than attempting to establish morale through punishment (which rarely works).

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