Are you a fleet owner in Oregon or elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest? Have you considered signing up with a fuel card program of some kind? If so, a CFN fuel card may be the perfect match for you and your fleet. CFN fuel cards have a number of benefits that can help transform the way you conduct your fleet management, as well as how company funds are allocated to different drivers.

Commercial Fueling Network (CFN) was established in 1988 here in the United States. Their primary goal is to offer integrated fuel card processing solutions to fleet owners and managers. With over 200 independent marketers committed to providing high-quality products every year, they have quickly become one of the nation’s leading fuel card providers.

CFN fuel cards are a part of a comprehensive fuel management system, with online account access and security controls. They offer a great deal of flexibility when it comes to fleet management needs and requests. Due to their great reputation and decades of experience in the industry, you can look to CFN for fuel card perks that may not be found elsewhere.

If you are interested in joining CFN as a fuel cardmember, keep reading! At Marc Nelson Oil Products, we love teaching our clients about CFN fuel cards and other fuel card services. Find out if CFN is the right fuel card for you by reviewing the information below.

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About CFN Fuel Cards

CFN cardholders enjoy a variety of different perks. If you sign-up for CFN fuel cards through MNOP, you can expect the following benefits for your company and fleet drivers:

  • All-in-One Cards
    With CFN fuel cards, you can be in control of your fleet fueling 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Every day of the year, CFN fuel cards work just as hard as you and your fleet. You can easily customize cards to meet your company’s fueling preferences, manage accounts online, and take advantage of a variety of perks that are available only to fleets that use CFN fuel cards.
  • Customized Fuel Requirements
    CFN fuel cards allow managers and fleet owners to adjust and specify fueling controls. Some of the available controls offered through CFN include: per day transaction limits, per transaction gallon limits, time of day or day of the week fueling controls, strict product controls, and the ability to utilize Floating Driver Identification Numbers (DIN).
  • Superior Customer Service
    When you decide to sign-up with CFN for the fuel cardholder program, you can anticipate superior customer service for all of your questions and concerns. For assistance setting up an account profile, mapping fueling locations, and structuring your fuel cards to meet your needs, you can always count on CFN’s exceptional customer service team.
  • Fuel Management Options
    With 24/7 access to an online management program, owners and managers can have complete access to all their fueling data at any time. From the online portal, you can manage your fueling accounts, update personal fueling profiles, track card and account information, activate or deactivate fuel cards, and download fuel transaction data.
  • Local & National Fueling Stations
    With more than 57,000 fueling stations nationwide and access to 2,500 CFN stations, you can count on fueling up whenever necessary. Across the Pacific Northwest, your fleet drivers can access convenient fueling locations anywhere they see a CFN, Pilot, Flying J, Fuelman, Love’s, Speedway, Sinclair, Chevron, or Texaco.

With so many advantages, what is not to love about CFN fuel cards? To learn more about what makes CFN fuel cards stand out from the competition, take a look at our info sheet on the benefits here.

Why Make the Switch to Fuel Cards?

There are plenty of reasons why switching from company credit cards to fuel cards is a good move for your business. Countless fleet owners in Oregon and across the Pacific Northwest have gained peace of mind and a greater sense of control over their businesses by making the upgrade.

If you are still on the fence about signing up for a fuel card program, consider the reasons listed below that detail the benefits of being a fuel cardholder. We guarantee that you will love using fuel cards compared to company credit cards or other means.

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Benefits of Being a CFN Cardholder

Being a fuel cardholder has benefits that go beyond financial control. There are several perks that you and your fleet can enjoy by making the switch to a CFN fuel card. Take a look at just some of the advantages fleet owners that use cardlock enjoy:

  1. Save Your Fleet Time
    Fuel cards are one of the best ways to save your fleet drivers’ time. With a CFN card, you take the guesswork out of where drivers should fuel up along their routes. Instead of scrambling to find a fuel stop at the last minute, drivers can rest easy knowing that their CFN card will be accepted at a station along their route. Ultimately, drivers can access fuel stations when and where they need them most without straying too far from their routes in order to take advantage of cardholder benefits.

  3. Save Money
    Without fuel cards, owners or fleet managers typically give out company credit cards or cash to their drivers. This can often lead to undesignated purchases like snack food or drinks. Over time, these little purchases can add up and cost fleet owners a great deal of money — especially if multiple drivers in your fleet are misusing company funds.
    With CFN cards, you can specify which purchases are allowed and which aren’t. This allows you to give company fuel funds out to drivers without having to worry about these funds being used for anything other than fuel. Owners can specify the exact type of fuel and set limits per day or per week.


  5. Easy Access to Hundreds of Locations
    CFN fuel cards are accepted at hundreds of fueling locations across the Pacific Northwest and nationwide. With easy access to fuel stops all along driver routes, it makes sense to utilize a card system that is accepted at hundreds of locations. Your drivers can enjoy the benefits of their cards no matter when or where they need to stop to fill up.

  7. Online Tracking & Management
    Easy, online managing makes it easy to oversee purchases and fill-ups from all of the drivers in your fleet. Having all of the data you need in one place makes it easy to make decisions about fleet management and fuel costs. With an easy-to-use program, tracking your fleet expenditures has never been quicker or more efficient.

  9. Effective Route Planning
    When fleet drivers start carrying CFN fuel cards, owners and managers will notice that patterns start to emerge in terms of fueling stops and expenses. Once it is established where the most cost-effective stops are located, managers can plan fleet routes that allow them to easily access prime locations that provide the greatest discounts on fuel.

  11. Accurate Fuel Use Analysis
    Some fleet owners or managers may be concerned with the type of fuel they are using for their fleets. With a fuel analysis tool built into the interface of the CFN online monitoring platform, it is easy to determine which vehicles are not using fuel as efficiently, which type of fuel performs best, and more. Fuel analysis can make a big difference when it comes to saving your company money and managing your drivers properly.

  13. Consolidated Billing
    When it comes time to see how much money was spent total on fueling costs for any given month, owners can view fuel card expenditures for all of their fleets all from one location. With consolidated billing, you can take the chaos out of managing fleet finances and see exactly where company finances are being spent.

The All-in-One Card You Need

Fuel cards are a popular option for fleet companies everywhere. With how many perks are inherent in CFN fuel cards, there is no reason not to join. You can take advantage of a user-friendly online management system, ensure that your fleet has the funds they need for fuel, and maintain control over unnecessary expenses.

To learn more, visit our cardlock benefits for fleet owners blog. Or, check out our top cardlock FAQ’s for answers to the most common questions we receive. You can also find a detailed overview on our blog on how fleet owners can obtain cardlock. No matter what questions or concerns you have when it comes to signing up for cardlock, MNOP is here to guide you every step of the way!

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