Marc Nelson Oil Products provides Cardlock services for trucking and fleetFleet managers take on a lot of responsibility. Managing trucking employees is not for the faint of heart. At Marc Nelson Oil Products, we help local fleet management companies use different tools and programs to help manage multiple fleets and the inevitable expenses that follow. One of the most valuable tools that we offer our clients is known as cardlock. Cardlock systems are also referred to as fuel cards, fleet cards, and fuel credit cards.

Cardlock is comparable to a business credit card, just with more perks. With cardlock, we have helped countless fleet owners revolutionize their management processes and streamline business in ways that are both convenient and cost-effective. Fleet cards give owners and managers the power to control expenditures, take advantage of fuel discounts, and better track employee fuel usage. In addition to the cost-savings inherent to cardlock, you can count on a variety of other benefits that are sure to transform the way your fleet management company operates.

MNOP has learned a great deal about cardlock over the years. For our clients, the benefits have been endless. We’d like to share the top benefits we have discovered when it comes to utilizing and implementing cardlock. If you are a fleet manager or commercial trucking business owner, take a look at the benefits of cardlock described below.

Top Benefits of Cardlock


Save Time

Signing up for cardlock is the best way to save drivers’ time. Commercial fleet drivers are bound to tight schedules. Wasted time is not only frustrating for workers — it affects the entirety of your business, workflows, and can even cost your company money. With cardlock, your drivers can count on faster fueling times and greater efficiency. One of the best advantages of having a cardlock system is not having to wait in long lines at commercial fueling stations. Drivers can quickly locate preferred service stations and fuel up without having to wait around.

Save Money

According to a fleet management survey performed by WEX Inc, 23% of trucking fleet companies regard their fueling costs as their top operating challenge. Most fleet companies have dozens of employees to manage, schedule, and track. A lot of these fleet companies find themselves in a bind when it comes to expenditures, especially if they have no reliable way to track what their employees are spending company dollars on. This is where fleet cards can dramatically change the course of one’s monthly and annual budget tracking.

Cardlock systems allow managers to determine what expenses are allowed on the cards and which are not. This means that employees’ spending is highly regulated. Owners and managers can easily set-up their cards to restrict frivolous purchases, such as candy bars, gum, or soda, and allow only for the purchase of fuel.

Cardlock is the best way to ensure accountability among all of your fleet employees. Instead of giving individual drivers cash or unrestricted credit cards, fleet cards offer peace of mind to managers and business owners. Cardlock lets you authorize only the purchases that are necessary for your fleet workers to get from point A to point B.

Efficient Fleet Management and Planning

Efficiency is a high priority for any business. If you are a fleet manager, you know that careful planning is the key to effective productivity. Coordinating trucking routes is easier with cardlock. Cardlock systems come with digital tracking that makes it easy to review trends in worker data. You can pinpoint specific routes with fuel stops that accept cardlock to streamline your employees’ workdays. With location mapping, you can review driver schedules and coordinate fuel stops that will be most cost-effective and efficient for your business.

Lots of Locations to Choose From

With cardlock, your drivers will have access to an abundance of fueling locations. Cardlock is widely accepted across the country, regardless of where your workers need to travel. There are cardlock fueling sites open 24-hours a day, seven days a week, making it easy to take advantage of your cardlock benefits anywhere, any time. You will also find that these specific cardlock locations are more accessible and easier to navigate compared to traditional retail fueling stations. Your drivers can count on having plenty of room to maneuver their commercial fleets and fuel up with ease.

Control Fleet Fuel Purchases

In addition to restricting purchases on items like candy and soda, fleet managers can also customize their cardlock options to which kinds of fuel can be purchased with the card. If your fleet workers only use diesel gas, you can restrict other types of fuel from being used on the cardlock system. With the ability to select product types easily, managers and owners can keep expenditures at a minimum and restricted to only what fuel is necessary.

Managers of cardlock can also control the exact days and times that their workers can use the card. For example, if you know that your drivers only work Monday through Friday from 9 to 5, you can set cardlock restrictions so that the cards are only usable during those time slots. This adds an extra layer of protection for managers and owners, giving them much needed assurance that the cards won’t be used outside of specified work times.

Tracking Options

Cardlock is entirely customizable. Since every fleet company is different, it makes sense to have a card that can be personalized for the unique needs of drivers and their fleets. Cardlock carriers can track certain information related to their cardlock system by vehicle, driver, or both. Some fleet companies share vehicles or rotate drivers often. For single-vehicle tracking, the odometer information is recorded at the time of fueling and tracked throughout a given shift. To track by the driver, cardlock can be set up with a single-driver tracking system that records vehicle information at the time of fueling, in addition to other data. If you have several drivers that drive the same vehicle, you can implement a dual-card system that is suitable for multiple drivers to use.

Eliminate Theft

In addition to restrictions that you can personalize through the cardlock system, such as date, time, and fueling options, you can also count on cardlock to catch any suspicious activity or theft. With company credit cards or cash, these items can be taken unlawfully by drivers, or stolen by pedestrians, and used for personal purchases. With computer monitoring and theft detection, fleet managers can be alerted of suspicious activity right away. Company theft can be avoided altogether through careful monitoring provided by cardlock.

Consolidated and Paperless Billing

Cardlock takes the hassle out of fleet expense tracking. It also helps companies consolidate and go paperless. With an online data management platform, fleet companies can monitor expenses, track ongoing expenditures, and quickly identify when unwarranted or unusual spending activity is occurring. Also, with paperless billing, cardlock lets your company stay on top of everyday activity without having to print out documents consistently. Not only will you save time with a consolidated billing platform, but your company can also “go green” by working off of a paperless billing system.

Online Account Management

Using cardlock gives you access to a user-friendly interface, where it becomes possible to oversee and manage fleets right at one’s fingertips. From one system, you will be able to organize, track, and monitor fleet expenditures. Making adjustments to fleet routes and fueling budgets has never been easier. Cardlock offers it all and is sure to bring some order to your fleet company while saving you an abundance of time and money. You’ll have all the information about company costs at your disposal and greater peace of mind, thanks to innovative cardlock processes.
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Cardlock is the best way to save money, time, consolidate expenditures, and ensure that your business budget is being put to best use. For our clients, cardlock has proven to be a great way to ensure that no dollars go to waste, and the most affordable fuel is purchased and tracked. Without cardlock, we found that time and money were often wasted. Our clients can trust cardlock for all of our fuel purchases and other needs.

MNOP is proud to provide inventory management, tank sales, and oil sampling for fueling stations in Oregon. With cardlock, you can expect fuel cost savings at any of our Pacific Pride or CFN locations. For our Oregon customers, you can fuel at unattended cardlock sites and various retail locations quickly and forego long wait times in line.

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