At Marc Nelson Oil Products, our clients often ask us, “How can I eliminate fuel theft?” This is a great question and one that is likely on the minds of lots of fleet owners across the nation. Fuel theft is undoubtedly a problem for fuel companies, but luckily, there are plenty of solutions to help stop this act in its tracks.

If you haven’t already signed up your fleet for cardlock, we highly recommend doing so. Enrolling in a fleet card program is one of the best ways that fleet companies can prevent and eliminate fuel theft. If you want more information about how to obtain cardlock, visit our Cardlock Page. We also have a great article over on our blog page on How Fleet Owners Can Obtain Cardlock that you should check out.

Fuel Theft Prevention

Top Ways to Eliminate Fuel Theft

The vast majority of fleet owners across the country use cardlock because of the great benefits that are included. Using an automated and trackable system to manage fleet fuel purchases in and of itself can help eliminate fuel theft. However, there are plenty of fuel card advantages that fleet owners may not have considered that further help eliminate fuel theft.

Here are our top 6 tips that you can use to maximize your fuel card advantages and eliminate fuel theft:

⇨Pair Fuel Cards to Vehicles

Matching a particular fuel card with each fleet vehicle is highly advised. You can attach fleet cards to the vehicle key chain to ensure that the same card always pairs with the same vehicle. By matching up each vehicle with a card, you eliminate the confusion that can occur when cards are passed around between drivers or given out haphazardly.

⇨Assign Individual Pin Numbers

Once you have attached each card to vehicle keys, you can personalize the usage of these cards even further. By assigning each driver their own personal pin, you will be able to include transparency in every transaction. With a personal pin for each driver, you will be able to tell who was driving which vehicle, when, and what was purchased at all times.

⇨Set Up E-Receipts for All Purchases

Most cardlock systems have instant receipts that can be sent out to your email any time fuel or other items are purchased. Setting up your cardlock account with this feature will alert you instantly when there are purchases that seem excessive or abnormal. You will stay on top of purchases 24-hours a day and eliminate the chances of fuel theft.

⇨Limit Fuel Amounts Per Purchase

Cardlock systems allow you to set limits on fuel purchases, including amounts, types, and even time of day. These provisions make it so that fleet managers can set strict regulations, if necessary, on fleet fuel purchases. Some fleet companies may find that they may not always have to watch fleet purchases so strictly, but having the option may be necessary during certain periods.

⇨Receive Periodic Audits

Speaking with your company’s financial advisor to periodically investigate your spendings and earnings is another great way you can notice or prevent fuel theft. Periodic audits will allow you to find gaps in spending that can be reigned in. Ultimately, you will save money, find ways to prevent overspending in the future, and will know sooner, rather than later, if any fuel theft is occurring.

⇨Enforce a No Tolerance Fuel Theft Policy

Being strict about your company’s anti-theft policy on fuel is another great way to ensure it doesn’t happen. Reiterate to your fleet that this is a practice that won’t be tolerated. If fuel managers and owners take anti-theft policies seriously, so will their workers.

Using Cardlock to Prevent Fuel Theft

Need Help Choosing a Cardlock System?

Now that you have read up on the benefits of cardlock in terms of fuel theft prevention, you should be 100% certain that these systems are a no-brainer for fleet companies. If you are still using cash, company credit cards, or other means to help your fleet fuel up while on the road, now is the perfect time for a change that will save you money and spare you the stress of fuel theft.

MNOP offers cardlock services from top names like Pacific Pride and CFN. Cardlock gives your fleet 24-hour access to fueling stations all across the nation. You can bypass busy fueling lines and go straight to a conveniently located station that accepts cardlock. With over 3,000 Pacific Pride and CFN locations across the United States and Canada, finding a place to fuel up is always quick and easy.

Our customer service representatives are here to help you set up your account, ensure that ongoing orders are fulfilled, and any card issues are dealt with in a prompt and professional fashion. Our team at MNOP is always happy to walk you through your new cardlock system from beginning to end. When it comes to saving your fleet money, eliminating fuel theft, and keeping track of your fuel expenses, no other system can beat cardlock.

To get started with cardlock services for your fleet, get in touch with our experts now. We’ll work with you to determine which card will best suit your company’s needs. Give us a call now at (800) 523-7676.

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For more information, check out our Blog Page. You will find lots of great resources there, including FAQ’s About Cardlock and Cardlock Benefits for Fleet Owners. If you are a fleet manager and have yet to obtain cardlock, check out our article on How Fleet Managers Can Obtain Cardlock.

For any additional questions you may have about how you can eliminate fuel theft among your fleet, contact our team today. Our staff is happy to answer any questions you may have and ensure that fuel theft becomes a thing of the past. Give MNOP a call now at (503) 363-7676 or toll-free at (800) 523-7676.

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