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Fuel cards are a fantastic way for fleet owners to take control of their monthly fueling costs. In addition to keeping costs within your control, there are plenty of benefits of fuel cards that not only help out fleet owners but their drivers, too.

As a fuel card provider for fleets in Salem, Portland, and elsewhere in Oregon, we’re describing the top 10 benefits you can expect when you sign up for fuel cards for your fleet.

Keep reading to discover how fuel cards change the way business is done for fleets everywhere. If you are interested in signing up for fuel cards for your fleet in Oregon, contact Patrick Meyers at MNOP via phone at 971-209-4524 or shoot him an email at Patrick@marcnelsonoil.com

Now, let’s dive into the top 10 benefits of fuel cards!

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10 Benefits of Fuel Cards for Fleets


⇩ 1 – Go Cashless

Fuel cards give fleets the option to go completely cashless and consolidate their spending into one form — a convenient on-the-go card. Cashless methods are not only safer and more secure, they eliminate the chance that money goes missing or gets lost, as it can so easily when drivers are carrying cash.

⇩ 2 – Gain More Control

Fuel cards give managers and fleet owners more control over their company as a whole. In fact, you can specify exactly what can be bought with fuel cards, what locations the cards can be used at, and even times of day when the cards can be used. Fuel specification is also an option, making it so fleet owners can reduce fuel fraud and company theft.

⇩ 3 – Secure Payments

Fuel cards are set up just like traditional debit cards with a PIN style system. Drivers and employers alike feel more secure with expenditures due to this increased security. Employers can rest easy knowing that only one driver has access to a given card and PIN number.

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⇩ 4 – Reduce Administrative Work

With fuel card systems, the administrative side of your fleet maintenance is streamlined. Regardless of the size of your business, fuel cards reduce paperwork and the endless barrage of paper receipts that come in daily. Invoices are found all in one place, specifying the type of fuel, cost, and location. Employers can stop chasing down drivers for purchase details, all the while hoping they managed to hang onto their receipts.

⇩ 5 – Instant Payments & Data

Fleet owners and managers can instantly track, view, and evaluate purchases made from fuel cards. This way, discrepancies are found instantly and any errors or missteps can be dealt with immediately, rather than waiting several weeks for administrative paperwork to be processed.

⇩ 6 – Fuel Card Rewards & Perks

Fuel cards are excellent for practical reasons, but they also come with rewards. Fleet drivers that use fuel cards can enjoy certain incentives and perks every time they fuel up their vehicles at certain locations or fueling stations. Additionally, certain stations offer different price points for fuel, which makes it worthwhile to plan fleet routes that pass by these locations to help save money.

⇩ 7 – Automatic Monthly Reports

Similar to monthly invoices, fuel card programs generate full reports at the end of every month, detailing which cards were used where and when. This allows managers to track each transaction and keep a close eye on finances. Any wrongdoing or theft is easily identified.

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⇩ 8 – Easier for the Employer

Fuel cards are easier on employers. Managers and fleet owners have hundreds of little tasks to deal with day in and day out. A fuel card system takes away the stress and burdens that come with giving drivers cash or using an old-school paper receipt system. Fuel cards cannot be used to purchase anything other than fuel, so fleet managers also gain peace of mind knowing that company credit cards or cash are not being used to sometimes purchase fuel, and other times, snacks or personal items.

⇩ 9 – Easier for the Employees

Just as employers enjoy the ease of fuel cards, so do drivers! Fuel cards take away the mental energy and stress that comes with using cash, keeping track of receipts, and logging fuel purchases manually. Employees can feel confident and enjoy the convenience, and employers can breathe easy, too.

⇩ 10 – Peace of Mind

As you may have gathered, fuel cards are ideal for driver and employer peace of mind. Fuel cards track purchases through time of day, date, fuel amounts, gallons per day, grade and fuel type, and other pertinent data. With all the information fleet owners need at their fingertips through one convenient system, fleet management has never been easier.

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Fuel cards are one of the primary services we offer at MNOP. We offer Pacific Pride and CFN fuel cards for fleets in Portland, Salem, and elsewhere in Oregon. With 24/7 locations available 365 days/year, your fleet can enjoy commercial fueling without the wait.

Some of the best advantages to fuel cards through MNOP include:

  • 24/7 fuel access to diesel dispensers nationwide
  • Over 3,000 Pacific Pride & CFN locations across the U.S. & Canada
  • No monthly card service or fees
  • Fraud prevention controls & cost savings
  • Personalized service from MNOP for account & card issues

Check out these pages from MNOP for more information on our services:
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