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Fuel Delivery Service in Gresham, Hillsboro & Portland, Oregon (OR)

Marc Nelson Oil Products provides a wide range of products and services to businesses throughout the Mid-Willamette Valley. Whether your needs are diesel, diesel products or gas delivery, home heating oil, lubricants, antifreezes, heat transfer fluids, additive chemicals, or specialty products like racing fuel, fuel tank delivery, or diesel exhaust fluids, MNOP is your one-stop solution. Most of these products are available at our Salem, Oregon location, and many are available for delivery in quantity. MNOP is also a provider for commercial fleet fueling services through the National Pacific Pride CardLock Network, and all of its partner fuel stops.

For delivery service, we work with our customers in setting up a schedule that meets their needs. And with our Inventory Management System, we not only will know when you are running low, but we will deliver to make sure you never run empty. Our customers tell us this is a great feature for them as it is one less thing they have to worry about and for us, it is about delivering quality service to each and every account.

Top Brands Everyday

MNOP carries many top brands in fuels and additives. We are a Top-Tier Marketer of Phillips 66 Lubricants, and carry products from manufacturers like Kendall Motor Oil®, VP Racing®, Lucas Oil®, STA-BIL®, KOST USA's DEFendal™, TerraCair®, CIM TEK®, some 76®, Chevron® and Mobile® products, and more. We also own 11, Pacific Pride® CardLock locations in Oregon to serve your commercial fleet fueling needs.

If you have questions about how MNOP can help, what services or products we provide, or want Material Safety Data or Product Data, please search our website or give us a call at (800) 523-7676. Our phone is answered 24 hours by MNOP trained personnel, so you can trust us when ever the need arises.


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We believe that the history, philosophy, product mix and success of Marc Nelson Oil Products should make your choice of petroleum distributors a simple one. Nowhere else will you find a match for our commitment to customer service, and from no other vendor will you find the mix of petroleum products, delivery methods and expertise that combine to make us the right choice, every time. Whether you're a large business running a fleet of a hundred vehicles, or a small shop with only one or two-if you use petroleum products to deliver services that meet your clients' needs, Marc Nelson Oil Products is the choice that will assure your success.