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At Marc Nelson Oil Products, we pride ourselves in delivering the best, both in products and service. We provide these resources as a place for our customers to visit when looking for information. If you can not find a specific resource you would like assistance locating, feel free to call us anytime. If there is anything else you would like to see included, just send us a message and we will add it for consideration and future website updates.

National Federation of Independent Business


They are a great resource of information for businesses throughout the United States. They work to advocate, educate, communicate, and provide news, information and events happening around the country of things of importance for businesses in the U.S.


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We believe that the history, philosophy, product mix and success of Marc Nelson Oil Products should make your choice of petroleum distributors a simple one. Nowhere else will you find a match for our commitment to customer service, and from no other vendor will you find the mix of petroleum products, delivery methods and expertise that combine to make us the right choice, every time. Whether you're a large business running a fleet of a hundred vehicles, or a small shop with only one or two-if you use petroleum products to deliver services that meet your clients' needs, Marc Nelson Oil Products is the choice that will assure your success.