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VP Racing Fuel in Gresham, Hillsboro & Portland, Oregon (OR) - The Best Since 1975

Power and performance is what is required out of the racing fuel you choose to put in your machine. Marc Nelson Oil Products is passionate about providing the highest quality racing fuels, additives, and chemicals. Since 1975, MNOP has been dedicated to the racing community in the Mid-Willamette Valley.

VP Racing FuelAt our Salem location, MNOP carries VP Racing® 110-octane leaded gasoline for dirt and asphalt track. VP Racing's 110 is not your standard 110, it has the highest rated MON of any 110-octane fuel on the market.

VP Racing® is a leader in racing fuels. Not content with just creating chemicals and blends in labs, VP Racing® works directly with racing teams at Racing Fueltheir shops, at their tracks, and with their vehicles, actively engaged in improving the technology of racing. The majority of VP's blends come from their time with racers and meeting the specific needs they have for the fuels they use. VP Racing® loves the thrill of competition, and they like to win.

MNOP also carries methanol, fuel containers, specialty lubricants, and performance chemicals. If you require or are interested in blending your own high-octane fuel, here is a blending chart using 110-octane and Premium 92-octane gasolines.

Racing Fuel is a Performance Part

Technology aside, racing is about winning, and the fact is, VP Racing® fuels more winners than any other American fuel company. From NHRA Pro Stock to AMA Pro Racing Motorcycles, to the American LeMans series, VP Racing® has served many champions. VP Racing® even serves the champions of the Reno Air Races and their piston-powered airplanes. In a word... "Performance." Performance means the difference between winning and losing and you can trust MNOP and VP Racing®.

Call MNOP today at (800) 523-7676 and let's discuss your racing fuels, additives, chemicals, and supply needs.


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