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Industrial Oils for All Applications in Gresham, Hillsboro & Portland, Oregon (OR)

Marc Nelson Oil Products offers a full line of industrial oils for everything from compressors and hydraulic systems to air power tools and food processing equipment.Industrial Oils for All ApplicationsOur large selection of industrial oils are well suited for just about any need. The proper use of oils is to improve the functionality of equipment, engines and machinery, with applications in many of today's workplaces.

The right oil will not only help with the smooth operation and functionality of the equipment, engine and machines, but will also help improve the performance and minimize expenses and down time due excess wear and tear from the application not functioning at it's optimal level.

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From engine oils to food grade oils, we carry a big stock of different products and brands. Some of the most popular oils used for various applications we carry include hydraulic oils, turbine oils, compressor oils, white oils, food grade oils, industrial gear oils and greases and metal working fluids. We also carry synthetic industrial oils, synthetic gear oils, synthetic compressor oils and more.

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We believe that the history, philosophy, product mix and success of Marc Nelson Oil Products should make your choice of petroleum distributors a simple one. Nowhere else will you find a match for our commitment to customer service, and from no other vendor will you find the mix of petroleum products, delivery methods and expertise that combine to make us the right choice, every time. Whether you're a large business running a fleet of a hundred vehicles, or a small shop with only one or two-if you use petroleum products to deliver services that meet your clients' needs, Marc Nelson Oil Products is the choice that will assure your success.