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Marc Nelson Oil Products
Our History

Marc Nelson Oil Products (MNOP) has been meeting the petroleum needs of customers since 1936 when Union Oil representatives offered Melford M. Nelson the opportunity to be the first commissioned fuel and lubricants distributor in Oregon. The Company was founded under the name M.M. Nelson Oil Company, Union Oil Distributor located in Independence, Oregon.

Marc Nelson joined his Father in 1962. Together, in 1963, they purchased the Dallas, Oregon bulk plant. Shortly after that acquisition, Marc became a partner with Melford. In 1968, Melford sold his half of the business to Marc and retired.

Today, MNOP operates as a third generation family business and distributes approximately 35 million gallons of petroleum products throughout Oregon each year.

Significant Historical Events

  • In 1979, acquired Master Service Stations Inc., another Union Oil Distributor, located in Salem, Oregon. At this time the Company moved its headquarters to Salem.
  • In 1986, acquired Truax Oil Companies’ Heating Oil, Commercial Fuel and Lubricants Division.
  • In 1988, became a franchisee of the Pacific Pride Commercial Fueling Network.
  • In 1995, changed name to Marc Nelson Oil Products, Inc. Many people know us simply as MNOP.
  • In 1996, acquired Hance Oil Company, a Union Oil Distributor in Stayton, Oregon.
  • In 2001, at a ConocoPhillips Marketer Convention, was recognized with a 65 year Service Award.
  • In 2003, acquired Mt. Hood Oil Company’s three Pacific Pride Cardlocks and other parts of that business. Mt. Hood Oil Company was a Union Oil Distributor in Gresham, Oregon.
  • Also in 2003, moved its headquarters to a new facility on Claxter RD NE in Salem, Oregon.
A MNOP Customer Testimonial:
Attention: Potential Customers of Marc Nelson Oil Products
It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Marc Nelson Oil Products.

My late mother S.J. Smith used MNOP to service her oil tank for decades. She lived in a house built in the early 1900s and there were unique challenges as a result.

I also engaged the company’s services when Mom past away in 2009 to help manage necessary updates in preparation for a sale. Once again, a careful and comprehensive plan was launched to ensure the oil tank was properly attended to and our warranty needs were met.

I particularly found Christie Gregory to be very customer focused, providing regular feedback and vendor information so I could be both informed and successful in dealing with issues with the estate. She provided constant encouragement, ensuring completion of tasks required for a sale.

I would heartily recommend MNOP for your oil tank servicing needs.

L. Harris Successor
Trustee for S. Smith Trust
              All of your petroleum needs under one roof!

Headquarters:  1977 Claxter Rd NE Salem, OR 97301
1-800-523-7676     (503) 363-7676     Fax (503) 363-5822

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