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Heating Oil Services and Products in Gresham, Hillsboro & Portland, Oregon (OR)

Marc Nelson Oil Products delivers premium home heating oil in Marion and Polk Counties on both automatic "keep full" or "will-call" delivery options. MNOP's automatic fill program ensures that homeowners aren't required to pay attention to and measure the volume of fuel in their tanks, allowing them to rest easy knowing that we are monitoring their home heating oil usage; ensuring the tank never runs low.Learn more about ways to save on your heating energy costs and for information about Oregon's LIEAP (Low Income Energy Assistance Program)

There are many benefits to working with Marc Nelson Oil Products for your home heating fuel needs:

• We deliver both Stove Oil #1 and Premium 5% Biodiesel Home Heating Oil

• MNOP offers competitive pricing and discounts for automatic fill customers

• MNOP trucks are equipped with the proven performance Mid:Com computer distribution systems ensuring accurate billing

• MNOP offers a tank warranty program

• We have 24 hour emergency service with a reasonable after-hours service fee

• We offer a monthly budget plan with no finance charges assessed if payments are made on time

• MNOP offers the convenience of online account payment

• We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover

• MNOP participates in Energy Assistance Programs

• We have available for delivery tank gauge sticks, fuel filters, Hot 4-in-1 heating oil treatment, and Killem chemical fuel additive

Partnering with a premium heating fuel provider is important. Making sure your system is running at peak efficiency reduces service calls and maximizes your equipment's useful life; saving you money and headaches.

How much heating oil do I have in my tank? Use the chart to the left to determine how many gallons are left in your oil tank by measuring the depth of the oil in inches.


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