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Marc Nelson Oil Products carries a wide variety of greases for many different applications. With our variety, we will have what you are looking for or will help you in finding the right grease you need for your application.

Why grease?

Greases are typically applied in areas where a continuous supply of oil cannot be retained, such as open bearings or gears.  Factors to be considered when selecting suitable grease are operating temperatures, water resistance, oxidation stability etc. The second factor, not less important, is the grease's characteristics, including viscosity and consistency.

Lubricating grease consists of base oil, performance additives and a thickener which forms a matrix that retains the oil in a semisolid state. Most grease thickeners are soaps, i.e. lithium, calcium, or aluminum soap. Complex soap greases have superior temperature resistance and are commonly usable up to 180°C, at which the mineral oil vaporizes. A smaller number of greases, restricted to very special applications, are manufactured with non-soap thickeners such as organoclays, polyurea or silica compounds.

Grease is the most widely used lubricant for roller bearings and low velocity applications, mainly because grease type lubricants are relatively easy to handle and require only the simplest sealing devices.

Brands We Carry

76 Omniguard® XD5

Conoco Cable Lube

Conoco Cotton Picker

Conoco Coupling Grease

Conoco Dynalife™ HT

Conoco Moly Low Temp Grease

Conoco Multiplex® Red

Conoco Polytac®

Conoco Polytac® EP

Conoco RedTac® Grease

Conoco Triton® ELL

Conoco Triton® Low Temp

Conoco Triton® XD5

Conoco Unoba EP Grease


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