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Marc Nelson Oil Products is a leader in environmentally conscious petroleum products. If you are looking for oil that has less environmental impact, call us.

The field of environmentally friendly lubricants (EFLs) is relatively new. It probably originated in the Black Forest of Europe in 1985 when power saw chains were required to be lubricated with these products. As time passes, the lubricants used in most logging, farming, construction and earthmoving equipment could be changing to meet environmentally friendly requirements.

What is an environmentally friendly lubricant?

It usually means the lubricant must not be toxic and must biodegrade in a relatively short time. This requirement means that EFL's are not the same as food grade lubricants that meet certain toxicity requirements for human beings, but may be toxic to other land and aquatic life.

The highest volume of EFL products is in hydraulic fluids. Most of these products are based on rapeseed oil, also known in the food industry as canola. Other crop oils, synthetic esters and polyglycols are also being marketed. Most have excellent lubricating properties - in some cases superior to mineral oils - making them candidates for use not only as hydraulic fluids but also for lubricating oils and greases.


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