Corporate Headquarters - Salem, OR

Owned & Operated by Marc Nelson Oil Products Independent Franchisee of Pacific Pride

Petroleum Supplier • Fuel Distributor • Commercial Lubricants

1977 Claxter Rd. NE, Salem, OR 97301

GeoCode Info - Lat: 44.9907619    Long:-123.003781

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? Services Offered


? Fuels at pump (bring your own fuel container or purchase one here):

Non-ethanol regular (87 octane), non-ethanol premium (92 octane), VP 110 octane leaded racing fuel, off road dyed biodiesel 5%


? Available in 5 gallon pails:

Kerosene, racing methanol, solvent, VP 110 leaded racing fuel


? Petroleum products and equipment:

A wide variety of nozzles, pumps, tanks, sticks, gas cans, additives, diesel exhaust fluid, barrels, fuel filters


? Truck Access - Good

1977 Claxter Road NE, Salem, OR 97301 | 503.363.7676

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