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KOST USA DefendAL Universal Antifreeze

Coolants are made to be an additive which lowers the freezing point of a water-based liquid, a different mix may be best for a different function. We carry a full stock of antifreeze and coolants for just about every application. If there is something specific you are looking for, let us know and if we don't carry it, we can help in locating it for you. We carry three main types of antifreeze coolant:

• 50/50 Premixed Extended Life Antifreeze

• Extended Life Diesel Engine Coolant

• Universal Antifreeze

Below is a list of the products we carry and a brief description of each product, as some of the antifreezes are better used for specific functions.   An "antifreeze" mixture is used to obtain that goal. When mixed correctly, it can achieve lowering the freezing point in cold environments and also achieves boiling point elevation to allow higher coolant temperature.

KOST USA DefendAL Universal AntifreezeClick Here To View  or print out  KOST USA Comparison ChartKOST Comparison Chart

DefendAL Universal Antifreeze is phosphate free and has a low silicate content. It protects automotive aluminum parts and extends life in diesel engines when SCAs are used. This low total dissolved solid formulation leads to less drop-out in Diesel engines when SCAs are added.

KOST USA DefendAL Pre-Charged Antifreeze

DefendAL Pre-Charged Antifreeze is a phosphate free additive package extending coolant life and improves engine cooling. When properly maintained it reduces internal scale, liner pitting, and water pump replacement. Requires SCA level testing and periodic SCA additions. Approved fill for life by several OEMs with proper coolant maintenance and testing.

KOST USA DefendAL Global Automotive Extended Life Antifreeze

DefendAL Global Automotive Extended Life Antifreeze is a 5 year or 150,000 mile antifreeze. Formulated to be compatible with all colors and types of antifreeze on the market. Can be used in all automobile gasoline engines regardless of make, model, year, or original antifreeze color. User-friendly YELLOW color doesn't change the color fo any other coolant/antifreeze during top-off.

KOST USA DefendAL Global HD Extended Life Antifreeze

DefendAL Golbal HD Extended Life Antifreeze is formulated for use in all makes and all models of automobiles. Contains exclusive hybrid formula and is compatible with all automotive antifreezes. Amber color will not change the color of existing fluids when used as top-off. Contains dose of extended life SCAs for diesel applications. Can be used, and is fully compatible with, all diesel extended life antifreezes.

KOST USA DefendAL HD Extended Life Antifreeze

DefendAL HD Extended Life Antifreeze is full Organic Acid Technology. Contains nitrites and molybdates for optimum liner pitting protection and coolant system life. Advanced formula OAT improves heat transfer in newer engine designs and high heat environments. Meets performance specifications of CAT-EC1 and other leading OEM and industry extended life specifications.

KOST USA DefendAl Pre-Charged Blue Antifreeze

Our DefendAL Pre-Charged Blue Antifreeze is made to order, is compatible with Cummins diesel engine coolant and has a phosphate-free additive package. Requires SCA level testing and periodic SCA additions.


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